Enviolo is“The moving Standard”for eBikes, bicycles and Cargo-bikes today.

This solution is applicable to human/motor-powered vehicles or even self-driven machines and changes the way mechanical power is transmitted to improve the performance and flexibility of transmission for a greener, cleaner future.
Fallbrook Technologies Inc. is the inventor of the revolutionary NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, which enables performance and efficiency improvements for machines that use an engine, pump, motor, or geared transmission system.
Scalable technology with a multitude of applications across many industries.

600,000 units sold/bicycle users already using the products;
100+ OEM bike brands are already using the products;
Directly handle 50+ customers all over China;

Tri Star Group has been established a strategic partnership with Fallbrook for more than ten years. We are the worldwide exclusive manufacturing base for all enviolo products including Commercial, Cargo, Sports, City, Trekking groupsets, targeting European/North America mid-to premium level eBikes and Bike-Sharing market.
Starting from year 2018, Tri Star and Fallbrook has entered into a new era. Tri Star becomes a shareholder of Fallbrook and also been granted a lifetime exclusive licensing and selling rights in China market.

Scope of Applications:
Urban mobility vehicles;
Industrial equipment;
and many other applications;
800+ patents and patent applications worldwide;