Auto Applications & Instrument

Auto part manufacturing with Tri Star has started more than a generation ago. Our company was established to meet customers’ growing need by offering products with the best quality and reasonable pricing. Today, Tri Star has become one of the leading export companies in China for customers throughout the world. The continuous development of auto parts and aftermarket industry propels Tri Star to enter a new world stage.


We provide best solutions for different kinds of applications with support of our own innovative R&D Centre. We also constantly conduct comparative test studies on the performance of our products against other world-class competitor standards.

All Tri Star auto parts have passed the inspection under sophisticated quality control system. The tests are carried out in accordance with ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 to guarantee product performance and durability. In addition, regular tests are conducted which ensures the materials used are in-compliance with RoHS Regulations.


We pursue diversification on products by offering a full range of new product development for different customers’ needs. Thru creative design and development, we are very capable in providing our customers with “One Stop Service” solutions with high level customization and tailored-made products.

We work closely with our automotive clients in developing integrated thermal technology, so their passengers can enjoy the highest level of comfort. The thermal-electrical model we are offering is for all-season comfort. It delivers a pleasant microclimate, preventing heat from accumulating between the seat and passengers during hot days and delivering a cozy, warm riding environment during the cooler times of the year.

Customers & Application
*Amerigon - Climate Control Seat® (CCS®)
WET Thermal - Electric Technology’


‘Our Leak-Tester is one of the world’s top Leak-Tester devices, manufactured using Smoke Technology. It is designed to meet today’s stringent quality assurance demands. Our technology in the smoke machine is the ONLY technology that can be used with nitrogen (or other inert gas) for safer EVAP testing. It is recommended or required by virtually all-major automakers and can be found 100% inside the smoke machines approved and mandated by the automakers for their dealers worldwide for these types of applications. The tester comes in beautiful shapes and artful designs. Customers are also satisfied with its compact size which allows them the easier carry.


The VQC (Visual Quality Control) System is the leading optical quality control for opaque 2D blanks for years. The 2-D image processing system allows cross examination for almost all components produced by punching, laser, plasma or water jet in a very short time with extremely high accuracy and this can be done on the shop floor in the immediate vicinity of the processing machines. It means to solve all weaknesses in the traditional measuring methods. And by evident calculation, the more frequent we use the machine, the shorter of payback cost period will be for the investment.

VQC function

Quality inspection within minutes: VQC spots the differences
Nearly all blanked and/or laser-, plasma arc- or water jet-cut components can be inspected within a very short period of time with an accuracy of ±0.03mm.

Record times in quality inspections: Comparing 2D blanks with CAD
The VQC system works reliably well even in harsh workshop conditions. Only with a short instruction the machine operators are able to perform independently and in the shortest period of time quality tests fully complying with the necessary documentation requirements can be generated. The downtime of the expensive CNC machine tools due to initial, intermediate, final or 100% tests is considerably reduced. Serial defects are also greatly prevented.

VQC features
  • Fast measurement, less than 10 minutes
  • Visual graph display support
  • Simplification of operation and reliable for almost all workshop conditions
  • Repeated positioning precision is 5mm; The accuracy of proofread is 0.03 mm (218.20 mm); If the thicknessof work piece is less than 40mm, Mosaic imaging will be generated within accuracy in a very short time bythe double tele-centric lens. Measuring range is 1250mm x 3200mm