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Cash Handling

The security of storage always becomes complicated if a larger group of people are involved. In such a case, deposit or valuables safes with an internal deposit facility from Tri Star Group are exactly the right solution for you! Our cash handling series are designed for handling cash-heavy transactions with higher deposit limits, faster transaction speed and bigger capacity for every transaction. The examples can be seen in petrol stations, supermarkets, banks and hotels. Whether it is in forms of money bags or cash cassettes, our cash handling machine allows a quick, secure and straightforward deposit process without having to open the safe. Being supported by our customized developed software, it allows real time monitoring to keep track of every deposit, shift exchange and cash collection information and greatly reduce the cost of cash handling.

These machines provide convenient deposit automation service even after business hours. Instead of going to the 24/7 bank branch, retailers can easily deposit their cash in the dedicated office. If the machines are connected to a banking network, banking services such as instant credit after the deposition can be enabled. This will dramatically reduce the time and risk of cash handling by retail and Cash-in-Transit (CIT) staffs and simplify the cash processing procedure.