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Tri Star offers you a wide selection of gun safes with a variety of lock versions for your choosing. Our products have been carefully examined, tested and rated based on various features such as dependability, capacity, ease-of-use, fire rating, water resistance protection, locking mechanism quality, steel thickness and ease of installation.

The Following Features are Available with Our Products

  • Unique patent “Interior Escape Latch” avoids locking from the inside
  • Removable door panel organizer makes it easy to organize your valuables on the door and maximizes internal space. Multiple types of design available
  • Auto on/off interior LED lights to see valuables clearer
  • Separate “Safe in a Safe” locking compartment for your ammunition or other valuables
  • Convertible interior: under-shelf drawer keeps small items organized
  • UL listed LA GARD Locks or UL listed Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G) locks

Our fire-proof safes are suitable for even the toughest challenge. They can guarantee the protection of your valuables for up to 1 hour subject to direct fire exposure.

Burglary Protection

  • UL listed for burglary protection, Residential Security Container (RSC)
  • Drill resistant hard plate to provide exceptional protection against a drilling attack on the lock
  • UL listed LA GARD Locks or UL listed Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G) locks
  • Bolt-down kit to secure your safe to the floor to prevent forward tipping

Fire Protection

  • 30 minutes @ 700°C or 1200°F
  • Pausol™ Heat Activated door seal: when subjected to heat, expands to seal the door edge to protect valuables from damaging caused by heat and smoke, available for all models